When to hire a professional drain cleaner

When to hire a professional drain cleaner

If there’s one thing as certain as death and taxes, it’s the fact that at some point in your lifetime, your drains will clog and need cleaning. And while DIY is all well and good, there are times when it really, really isn’t. When you…
Reasons why your basement drain might be backing up

Why is my basement drain backing up?

You know how in the movies the worst thing the lead character can do is head down the stairs into the dark basement, without turning on even so much as their phone torch? (And yet, they do that, time and time again. Why?) Well, that little scene…
Your Drainage Problems in Vancouver Fixed

Drainage in Vancouver

You know what can be a real drain? A drain on your finances, your energy, your time and your pride in your home? Drainage issues. The good news is that, caught and fixed early, drainage problems needn’t suck you dry. Not only can Urban Water…
Your Vancouver home has a leaky basement. Now what?

Leaky Basement Repairs in Vancouver

So… your Vancouver home has a leaky basement. Yikes! Now what? The wet basement is undoubtedly one of the most common homeowner fears, with horror stories abounding about damp, cracking walls; random leaks; or worse, a full flood situation.…
Why you should never DIY your water mains

Water Main Pipes DIY: Don't Do It!

Got a leaking water main pipe? Discovered cracks or rusting in your water main pipes that are making you nervous? Even more nervous out about the expense of getting it done professionally? We bet that right about now you’re feeling tempted…
Water Mains Repairs

What is a water main and who pays if it breaks?

There is very little that strikes more fear into the heart of a homeowner than the sound of water where the sound of water should not be. An incessant drip drop dripping. An urgent rushing. Vehement gushing. Or worst of all: the sound of full-out…