Drainage Installation in Burnaby

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most homes throughout Burnaby and the North Shore require drainage installation when you consider the amount of rainfall we get each year. Our homes must be designed to prevent water from pooling and have proper systems in place to direct water away from the home.

Why? Because rain water that is apt to pool around your home rather than drain off in a safer location of your yard can cause a great deal of damage including rot, mold and soil erosion. If your home does not have drainage in place, one of the best investments you can make in the value of your home and property is to have a drain tile system installed. Urban Water Works is highly skilled in performing this service for both residential and commercial applications.

Proper drainage installation can eliminate drainage situations such as:

  • Grounds that are too level and do not have a natural incline to prevent rainwater from pooling.
  • Grounds that have thick non-permeable earth and soil that prevent rainwater from going into the ground.

With a professional drain tile system in place, you can better protect your home from the harm caused by soil disintegration or standing water. We invite you to make a call to Urban Water Works at 604-790-8993 to discuss your drainage issues with our team of professionals. You’ll find that our knowledge and expertise is able to help you overcome any drainage and landscape problems you may be experiencing.

What About Flood Prone Areas?

If your home was built in a flood-prone area, you may have been told that there was little you could do to prevent rain and run-off water from pooling under or around your home. But that’s not necessarily the case!

Even a significant amount of water can be managed with an innovative drain installation in Burnaby. If your home’s landscape and architectural design has proven to be a detriment in the past, contact Urban Water Works to create a new plan for water redirection. For hardpan surface areas that leave water with no options for drainage, a drain tile system can change your current circumstances.

Standing Water and Muddy Yards

If you’re currently unable to access certain areas of your yard or property due to issues regarding standing water, muddy areas or eroding soil, there is actually something you can do to remedy the issue. Affordable drainage installation in Burnaby is the #1 solution to this type of problem. Urban Water Works is in the business of transforming situations like these into functional areas that make it possible to access all points of your landscape while protecting your home’s foundation.

Urban Water Works’ clients find that it pays to contact the best in the industry. If you’re interested in making a valuable investment in your home and property, contact Urban Water Works for drainage installation in Burnaby that will take care of your pooling rainwater situation once and for all.

The staff at Urban Water Works is able to address your concerns and manage your project from start to finish in an affordable and professional manner.

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