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Why do I have water bubbling up in my front lawn?
If you notice water bubbling or a large wet spot on your property it is most likely the result of a broken waterline.

How often should I clean my drainage system?
This depends on many factors such as the age of your home, material used, the lay of the land, as well as the area you live in. By doing an initial cleaning of your system we can provide you with proper maintenance program for your home.

My drainage system is over 20 years old. Do I need to replace it?
If you have problems with an older drainage system replacing is often necessary. By identifying the areas that are causing the problems and repairing the system, you can often extend the life of your drainage system for many more years.

I have a crack in my foundation. Can I fix it from the inside?
There are products that can be used to try to fix a crack from the inside of your foundation. We believe the best way to ensure this crack does not become a reoccurring problem is to fix it from the outside preventing water from entering your home.

Why do I hear water running inside my house when no taps are open?
If you are constantly hearing water running in your house you may have a leak in your waterline. The constant flow of water leaving your pipe creates sound vibrations that can often be heard throughout your plumbing system.

Why is my water pressure suddenly low?
This may be due to a failing pressure reducing valve or PRV, which reduces the water pressure upon entering your house to a more manageable level. This may also be a result of a large leak in your waterline, or even a leak in the municipal main.

Should I repair or replace my water line?
Replacing your line is not always necessary and often it can be repaired saving you money depending on the age of your pipe, material, and location of the leak.

Testimonials from Our Satisfied Customers

“Jeff did some remedial drainage work at our house. He came out to look at the job and then provided a written quote that clearly outlined the work to be done. He completed the job in less than the original estimated time. He showed up on time and notwithstanding the intrusive nature of the work, did not disrupt household routine. More importantly, notwithstanding the challenges he ran into (clay and more clay), he stuck to his original quote. I would certainly consider using Jeff and his company for similar work in the future.”

N. G. from Maple Ridge

“Jeff Fitzpatrick and his Urban Water Works Inc. Company replaced the drain tiles on our property. Jeff did excellent quality work and had many opportunities to take the easy way out when unexpected challenges arose. Jeff maintained his high standards and did not compromise on his high quality workmanship even though the job took longer as a result. I would not hesitate to use his company again.”

Arnold Joe from Burnaby

“After our decrepit 50 year old water line sprung a leak it was finally time to replace it. Not having the faintest idea on how to go about hiring a reliable company to do the job I turned to google search engine to do a little exploration. The upshot to that was the appalling number of negative reviews that the more established water works companies had received from severely disgruntled former clients. Absolutely determined to avoid such a nightmare scenario I decided to go with a newbie company called Urban Water Works. It was a leap of faith that could have gone either way but ended up going the right way in every respect. Jeff, the proprietor, was quite professional and demonstrated a confidence and admirable work ethic that was truly impressive. After quoting a competitive price and receiving approval from the city he went to work with gusto and the entire project went smoothly from start to finish. I can heartily recommend this service!”

Joyce Knox from Burnaby



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