Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Replacement in Burnaby

Worried about having to dig up your entire front yard because of a break, blockage or leakage in your water line?

While water line and pipe replacement and repairs are always mandatory, digging up your yard is optional! There is no need to sacrifice your beautiful landscaping and all the years it took to establish your lawn and garden.

Innovative new trenchless technology can provide a surer, more convenient and quicker method to repairing pipes underground. Urban Water Works is exceptionally gifted in performing trenchless pipe replacement in Burnaby.

Take a closer look at the advantages of going trenchless vs. a traditional water line replacement.

1. Less Damage to Property

As your water or sewer pipes age, they can become brittle and compromised. Trees and other finishing that are normally thought of as embellishing and advantageous to the aesthetics of your property can in reality cause significant damage when they meet with underground water pipes. Traditionally, the only way to confront this problem was by digging up an entire area of the homeowner’s yard to uncover the damage of corrosion or compromise. Today’s new trenchless pipe replacement in Burnaby has improved this process greatly and eliminated the need to dig.

2. Cost Effective

Digging up sewer or water lines takes a lot of resource from a plumber and can be quite costly. Less time involved proposes that the burdens identified with sewer line repair are a thing of the past.

For homeowners, trenchless substitution implies less of a bother and intrusion to their regular day to day routines as well. Trenchless pipe replacement in Burnaby gives an unrivaled quality of product, since most existing pipes are made from lesser quality materials. Homeowners will notice more fluid function of today’s lined pipes. Better pipes also mean less occasion for obstruction, so pipes flow more freely for a longer period of time in between inspections. Homeowners can certainly appreciate the benefits that go along with not having to call a plumber out as often.

3. Faster Way to Repair Pipes

Urban Water Works is dedicated to providing affordable trenchless pipe replacement in Burnaby as a strategy that takes impressively less time than customary pipe repair. Truth be told, contingent upon the degree of the repair or substitution, very often the job can be completed in less than a day. Lower labor costs are transferred as savings to the customer, another benefit to trenchless pipe technology.

If you’re currently looking into your options, make the right call and contact the most reputable company in the region. Don’t hesitate to call Urban Water Works at 604-790-8993 to examine your choices in water lines. Keep your short list of questions nearby when speaking with an Urban Water Works professional and request a free estimate before you hang up.

If you’re experiencing flooding that is not considered to be an emergency, schedule a video pipe inspection to get to the root of the problem quickly. You’ll save on the costs of finding the damage or obstruction over more traditional methods when you opt for a video inspection to pinpoint the affected area.