Video Drain Inspections

Video cameras are becoming the most useful new tools in the plumbing industry today. What was once hidden problems in your plumbing and drains is now visible!

Specially made fiber optic cameras allow for a visual assessment of underground drainage lines along with other piping to figure out the problem of the interior of the pipes. Kitchen drains back up over time. They will typically run slower and slower as soap, fat, grease, detergent, and other debris build up in the pipes which will eventually cause blockage and can end up as a significant problem, along with causing a big mess. The professional plumbers at Urban Water Works offer the most affordable and comprehensive video drain inspection in Burnaby which will effectively pinpoint the problem, and bring a cost efficient solution for any issues that may come about.

At Urban Water Works, we are considered the number one rated plumbing company that offers proficient and cost saving video drain inspection in Burnaby, and throughout the entire area. We feel that the main reason for our continued growth and success is because we strive in treating each and very one of our valued clients the same way that we would hope our families and friends would be treated. We work diligently in providing our highest level of strong work ethic to every job site that we visit and every procedure that we complete. 

There is nothing more frustrating and maddening than trying to take a shower, only to be standing in ankle deep water half way through it. We all know exactly how it feels to wait for the water to drain, as we stand there, just waiting to get out without causing a large puddle on our washroom floors. When you look to us for a solution for this problem, you can rest assured that we have the professional resources and required tools that are needed to take care of this, and any other drainage issues within your home. Attempting this type of project on your own, can only add to the problem, if you are not a licensed plumber.

If you do experience a drainage problem, such as a clogged washroom sink, or even a kitchen sink that doesn’t seem to drain as fast as it once did, plunging the drain may offer a temporary solution to an even bigger issue that will soon present itself again. It’s best to tackle this problem aggressively by obtaining the service of an experienced and professional plumbing company that knows the ins and outs of the water pipes that keep your water flowing and draining.

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