Water Main Replacement Vancouver

Your home is one place where you can relax and enjoy the comforts of life. Water is something we usually take for granted but when there is a problem with the water main it could mean trouble. The water main supplies water from the city or local authority to your home. There is a pipe that is located between your home and the city water supply. If that water pipe becomes damaged or develops a leak or crack you may need a water main replacement in Vancouver.

Water Main Problems

The water main delivers water to your home. It is imperative that you know where your responsibility as a homeowner ends and the utilities take over. If the problem is on their side of the curb stop the situation is up to them to fix. However, if the problem is on your side of the curb stop you will need to handle the repairs, which may include water main replacement in Vancouver.

The curb stop is usually located at the property line. The city or municipality has the ability to turn the water on and off to your home at this point. If you are experiencing a leak in your water main you might hear water running even when you are not using it. In some cases if there is a leak you might notice water in your yard.

The pipe that supplies water is usually located underground and leads directly from the street to your home. Review your water bill to see if it shows excessive usage. This can also be an indicator that something is amiss. The tile and cap that provides access to the water main shut off should be easily accessible, although this isn’t always the case. If not, contact your municipality to have them come and mark the location or find the cap. In addition, there is a water main shut off located inside your home.

Water Main Replacement in Vancouver

Contact an experienced repair service to determine whether a water main replacement in Vancouver is necessary. The repairman will use special devices to locate the leak or broken pipe. Sometimes a camera is used to view the inside of the pipe for damage. This can help locate the exact place where a leak is present.

There are a variety of options available depending on the nature of the leak or water main damage. The pipe can be excavated using traditional methods, hydro excavating or hand digging. Trenchless water main replacement in Vancouver may be possible so you won’t have to dig your yard.

Hydro excavating uses water pressure to help remove dirt. It is sometimes necessary in areas where trenching is not allowed. Trenchless pipe replacement requires two holes, one at the curb stop and one at the foundation of the home. Then, the old water main is cut at both ends so a cable can pull through a new pipe in its place. This will replace the damaged pipe without harming your lawn. If you are experiencing a leaky water main contact us to schedule a service call.

Water Main Replacement Vancouver